If you want to incorporate a pre-existing sound recording into a new original recording, you must first obtain the rights to do so. If you choose to avoid getting clearances for any music samples you use, then you leave yourself open to a copyright infringement suit further down the line, which allows for up to $100,000 per willful infringement. It's best to assume that your new song is going to be a worldwide hit and to take care of the necessary business element now.

When securing the rights to use a sample there are two sets of rights to clear. 1) The music publisher(s) of the pre-existing song control the rights to the composition embedded within the sampled recording. 2) The master rights owner, usually a record label, controls the rights to the pre-existing sound recording.

Hopkins Music Group LLC is the premiere sample clearance company. We coordinate the entire process for you from beginning to end. This includes music publisher and master rights holder research, sample clearance quote-request package preparation and submittal to all appropriate licensors, most favored nations, advance amount and royalty rate negotiations and, finally, routing of all partially and fully-executed licenses, ensuring that each license aligns with the previously agreed upon terms and fees.

The resulting mechanical license(s) from the music publisher(s) and master use license from the master rights holder will be all that you need to legally use the sample and then you can start marketing and distributing your new hit song to the world!

We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business through our immediate accessibility and unique system of getting you the sample clearances you need, all while saving you precious time and money.

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